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Who we are​

Amy's Rays of Sunshine is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by Amy Steeves to pay forward the love and support that she received from her amazing community during her own bone marrow transplant in 2019. 

What we do

During a bone marrow transplant, patients undergo a prolonged period of isolation while their body is healing. The physical recovery can last for months and be an emotionally difficult and isolating time.

Amy’s Rays of Sunshine gives young adult patients (age 18-50) who are starting their bone marrow transplant a box of 90 inspirational and caring messages so that they can have something to lift their spirits and brighten their day during this challenging 90-day period. 


How you can help
We are so grateful for our volunteers and donors! Click "Get Involved" to let us know if you want to donate or be involved writing cards and/or hosting a card drive.

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