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In 2022 we donated 30 boxes of sunshine to adult cancer patients having a bone marrow transplant!

The breakdown:

  • 2790 cards

  • 2 locations (Duke and UNC)

  • over 50 card drives

  • cards from 8 different states and 2 different countries

So far in 2023 we've delivered:

  • 54 auto packages (30 day)

  • 48 allo boxes (90 day)

Amys Rays Sunshine Heart Only Transparent.png

"We had a wonderful time creating cards and I know I will be making more throughout the year to give. It brings me joy knowing a small act can brighten someone's day who is going through a tough time." 

"You brought my hubby to tears today during his birthday celebration. We appreciate your kindness."


"Package was received!!! He had a big smile on. He's going to go through all the cards slowly to really enjoy all of them. Thank you SO much."

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