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Write a Card

All completed cards can be mailed to:

Amy's Rays of Sunshine

1457 Kelly Rd #202

Apex, NC 27502

Please contact us for local drop off options!

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Here are some tips for writing your Rays of Sunshine card:

  • Cards can be store bought or handmade

  • Please keep cards encouraging and uplifting. Some patients will be experiencing a long duration of treatment and unknown outcomes.

    • Please avoid phrases like "Get well soon" or "Feel better"​

  • Please avoid giving medical advice or treatment suggestions

  • Cancer does not discriminate by gender, beliefs, or race and neither do we! Please keep your cards inclusive to all.

  • You are welcome to include inspiring quotes, funny jokes (humor is always appreciated!), or little pieces of yourself. 

  • Here are some great examples of messages:

    • Stay strong​

    • You are awesome

    • I hope you have a good day

    • You are amazing

    • You are brave

    • I believe in you

  • Feel free to write as much or as little as you want and include your first name and where you're from if you're comfortable doing so. Cards and messages can be short or long - anything is appreciated!

  • Each card does not need to be in an envelope. This helps us ensure a variety of cards in each Rays of Sunshine box.

**Please note: We are not accepting holiday-themed cards at this time. We are also unable to verify or provide community service or volunteer hours.

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